Come Home America

Pat Buchanan

Buchanan says it’s time to Liquidate the Empire.

“Indeed, how do conservatives justify borrowing hundreds of billions yearly from Europe, Japan and the Gulf states — to defend Europe, Japan and the Arab Gulf states?”

Just like Mark Twain’s father, the older I get the smarter Pat gets :)


Democrats decorate the “holiday” tree :)

Obama and the fat cat bankers

"Fat cat" Obama

Obama says on 60 minutes, “I did not run for office to be helping out a bunch of fat cat bankers on Wall Street.” Yeah? Prove it. Get the billions back and use it to pay down the debt that was issued to finance it. Until then, you’re with the fat cats.

The Goracle speaks…

The Goracle

Poseur extraordinaire Al Gore’s lips are moving again: “…the most recent one [of the leaked emails from the CRU] is more than 10 years old.” To the question of whether he’s a liar or just a comprehensive dimwit, the correct answer can only be “yes”.

The tragedy is that anthropogenic global warming may be real, but we will never know until the whole current crop of would-be scientific overlords are promoted into retirement or other harmless oblivion, and some grownups with actual scientific chops are brought in to start over.

Lieutenant Colonel Allen West!!

Lieutenant Colonel Allen West

Another highly articulate black politician — only this one don’t need no stinkin’ teleprompter! Check out the video. This is one of the few people I’ve ever seen whom I would follow to the gates of hell (Colonel David Hackworth was another). I love this guy. I just heard of him for the first time and it’s a total man-crush :)

Scientists behaving badly

Steven F. Hayward

A brilliant early analysis of the contents and implications of the leaked global warming documents. Lucid, equitable, concise — superb.

Government “responsible to help” lamestream media

Pravda America's managing editor

Democrats want to shape the future of journalism. What could go wrong? Waxman would no doubt make a fine managing editor for the newly consilidated media conglomerate Pravda America :)